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Advice on moving

Ok so I don’t plan on moving tomorrow, perhaps about 18 months from now. I currently live in Tucson, AZ and this city really sucks. It’s becoming too crowded for my liking and I’d like to be somewhere that isn’t “too city.” I’m not saying I’d wanna be in the wilderness where the nearest restaurants, police stations and hospitals are hours away but I’d like to take a walk where I don’t have to worry about there being too many roads and I’d like to be surrounded by peaceful green areas. I’m doing research on cities that are similar to the cost of living and that could possibly get me a job in a casino. I’ve worked in the slot department for 7 years and have Supervisor experience at one casino and quit last November; I am Native American and I was hired as a supervisor for my tribes casino before COVID-19 struck us and I can potentially move up to a managers position after everything clears up (fingers crossed) if everything goes as planned. Anyway, the cities I have considered thus far are:
• Livingston, TX • Cripple Creek, CO • Shawnee, OK • Norman, OK
I’m still searching and any input would be greatly appreciated even if you’ve never lived in any of the listed cities or have experience moving or even have a suggestion of where else I would be a decent place to live. I am single and it’s just my daughter and me. I would like a good education system as well. Friendly people are a plus.
TL;DR Any advice for a single parent to move to a nice country type of city that has a casino would be appreciated.
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What can I do in Cripple Creek

Gonna go offroading tomorrow starting from CoS Gold Camp Road and ending up in Cripple Creek. My wife and I were thinking about at least checking out a casino (we've been to many and they're not really our thing), but what else could we do?
We have a lifted Xterra Offroad Edition if there's any good offroad destinations that we should hit up around there.
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Home after 7 days on the road

Follow up to this post:
I'll post more pics later. Left Craig CO at 4:30am this morning and made it home (SLC, UT) by 10:30am. Five hour ride delayed by road construction.
Highlights: 1. Most days on the road ever (1550 miles), not the most miles. 2. Averaged over 40mpg with highs over 50mpg. 3. Cripple Creek CO is overrun by casinos, but the room was cheap, the road there very fun 4. Road 40 miles out and back on a gravel county road to see some property my friend may buy. A whole lot of nothing. Beautiful. 40 miles of loose gravel and washboard takes hours to ride on a sportbike. 5. The 50 miles of CO 119 from I70 to Boulder CO is too fun to describe. 6. I70 and the Eisenhower Tunnel should be avoided. 7. US40 Berthoud Pass was as amazing as I remember from 1984. 8. Crossing a 2 foot deep fast running river is exciting. Blue River flooding the CO 9 highway just outside Breckenridge CO. 9. Road all the way up Pikes Peak at my own pace, not a car in front of us.
and leaving the best for last:
  1. Riding with an old high school friend I hadn't seen in 30 years. Let's just say a true friend is a friend for life.
  1. Saw many trikes pulling trailers. Way more than you'd expect.
  2. Dude touring from Wisconsin to Durango CO on a BMW HP2 with a 2.6 gal. fuel tank.
  3. Kids (?) launching a raft into the Yampa River (running very high), no life jackets or wet suits, just a 12 pack of beer.
  4. Kum and Go? What the hell CO, is that a real name for a Quikie Mart?
  5. The cop didn't turn around to give me a ticket, just hit the siren as gentle warning (80+ in a 65)
I am road weary, happy to hug my wife and have the dogs lick my face.
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Century Casino & Hotel Cripple Creek 200-220 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, CO 80813 P: 719-689-0333 T: 888-966-2257 (Toll Free) F: 719-689-3282. Casino. Daily 24 Hours; Mid City Grill. Sunday - Thursday 7am - 9pm; Friday & Saturday 7am - 10pm; Table Games Closed until further notice . Gallery. Contact Us. Do you have a question or any inquiry? Drop us a message and we'll get back to you soon ... Open 24 hours a day everyday of the year, The Double Eagle Hotel & Casino is located in historic downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado at 442 East Bennett Avenue near the District Museum and Cripple Creek's Narrow Gauge Railroad. The Double Eagle offers a range of hotel room types and features with rooms conveniently located above the casino offering views of the mountains and city. Our casino has ... Cripple Creek's Oldest Casino. The Brass Ass Casino, the oldest in Cripple Creek, is a comfortable escape where you can enjoy non-stop thrills and friendly service in a cozy, smoke free atmosphere. Treat yourself to a winning time at the legendary Brass Ass Casino! Address: The Brass Ass Casino 264 Bennett Ave Cripple Creek, CO 80813. Phone ... Directions: Wildwood Casino is in Cripple Creek, CO; 44 miles from Colorado Springs, 63 miles from Pueblo and 110 miles from Denver. We’re conveniently accessible from Interstate 25 via US Highways 24 and 50, and State Highway 67. 119 Carbonate Street Cripple Creek, CO 80813. CONTACT US. NO ONE UNDER 21 IS ALLOWED IN THE CASINO . CALL TODAY. 719.244.9700. GAMING. PROMOTIONS. HOTEL. DINING ... The Christmas Casino in Cripple Creek. Christmas Casino. Previously Buffalo’s Casino this has Christmas decor, go figure, with a 15 foot tall Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Christmas music is played year round here. The small casino-within-a-casino has 150 slots, 12 hotel rooms, and Rudy’s Diner. Address: 119 N Fifth St, Cripple Creek, CO 80813, USA . Situated in the historic mining town, Cripple Creek, Colorado, the Wildwood Casino offers Vegas-style thrills to all the betters. Even though their roots remain firmly into the past, they have modernized their facilities to become the only Vegas-style Casino in the area. Visit the Casino and get to experience playing in the new and ... The casino was named for Johnny Nolon was opened the original Johnny Nolon Saloon & Gambling Emporium in 1891 during Cripple Creek’s mining heyday. A man with a business mind, he knew the town need a quality saloon and gambling hall, and didn’t much care for the dirty work of mining. His generosity over the next 14 years made him a local legend. The casino today was named in his honor. With about 225 machines onsite, the Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel in Cripple Creek offers mostly slot games and video poker. If you like retro games, you’ll love the classic feel of their three-reel slots that still spit out real coins. Players can also join blackjack, poker, or roulette tables if they want to mingle while bringing in the dough. Of course, there is also plenty to eat when ... Century Casino Cripple Creek. Casino, Sports & Recreation · Open · 56 on TripAdvisor. 200 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO · (719) 689-0333. Triple Crown Casinos . Casino · Open · 4 on Yelp. 232 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO · (800) 635-5825. McGills Hotel and Casino. Hotel, Casino · 88 on TripAdvisor. 232 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO · (800) 635-5825. McGill's Casino. Casino ... Once bustling with gold-seekers, Cripple Creek CO is still a place to visit for those looking to strike it rich in its many casinos – take a tour of a modern, working gold mine and compare it to a tour of the historic Mollie Kathleen Mine. Cripple Creek is also home to one of the states most beloved events, Donkey Derby Days.

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A mini ghost investigation at the Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel in Cripple Creek, CO. Big win at Cripple Creek Colorado, My favorite casino Bronco Billy's, Penny machine, $1.80 a spin. Jackpot $21,138.53. Colorado casinos raked in a record revenue for 2018. Exploring a purportedly haunted hotel that is over a century old.Visit for more cool videos! Played craps at The Brass Ass for about 3 hours ended up even. Went to their poker room for 2 hours and lost -100.Then hiked to The Wildwood casino and playe... This video showcases the first night that Wildwood Casino, in Cripple Creek Colorado, was open 24/7. Casinos in Cripple Creek, Colorado Live camera stream of the Brass Ass and Midnight Rose Casinos on Bennett Avenue in historic Cripple Creek, Colorado. Elevation 9,500'. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A wild trip through the Triple Crown Casinos of Cripple Creek Colorado that is a blend of live action and computer generated imagery. Director, designer and animator - Pete Schuermann Concept and ...