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In 2011, while playing roulette at L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort in Louisiana, the pair were caught red-handed past posting for big money. After authorities used surveillance footage to confirm that over $175,000 was stolen via the roulette scheme, Tannous and Lubbat were charged with felony cheating and swindling over $1,500 and criminal conspiracy. Tannous was eventually convicted and One relatively new method for cheating at roulette involves using a handheld device in order to predict where the ball will land. Surprisingly, players have been doing this since at least the 1970’s and proof of concept for the idea has existed going back to the 1960’s. No casino will allow players to do this, however whether or not using such a device is actually illegal varies depending That said, I don’t consider roulette computers as a viable method of cheating casinos. Here’s why: In most countries roulette computers are illegal to use in a casino. You risk ending up in jail. Most casinos have strict security measures, including electronic machines detection, before entering their premises. You risk being blacklisted for life. Especially after the 2004 Ritz casino Roulette cheating would mean that you are using unlawful ways to win your roulette bets. This is definitely one of the offence that may land you in prison. Given the seriousness of this offence, it doesn’t prevent some minority of casino players from using different technique to cheat in roulette. Cheating has been intertwined with the history of most casino games since they were invented. For a while, though, roulette games were considered hard to beat. Albert Einstein, who famously studied roulette to try and beat the casinos, even said that cheating in roulette was almost impossible. He said the only way you could win was by stealing chips when the dealer wasn’t looking. Although In roulette, cheating the casino online is tough to pull off. But it can happen in a brick-and-mortar gambling venue if the cheater is skilled and can find an employee to work in conjunction with By the legal definition, cheating at roulette relates to unlawful methods to win. These can land you a prison sentence. But there are several “legal ways to cheat roulette”, and it is impossible to be charged by police with such methods, because you aren’t breaking any laws. By saying “legal”, I mean the methods aren’t specifically illegal, but the casino will ban you if they catch Cheating the slot machines is the most common way to beat the casino because of the lack of supervision and security around the machines. The crudest method of cheating the slot machines has been through the use of counterfeit money or fake coins (slugs). In the old days (basically any time before 1999), people would tie a coin to their finger, trip the sensor and then pull the coin back out Again, this isn’t the kind of cheating that will land you in a jail cell, as much as a Las Vegas casino backroom. Roulette cheat with mobile phones at the Ritz London. In a famous case of clever casino swindling in 2014, The Ritz Casino in London lost out on a significant £1.3 million to a trio of sophisticated cheaters. Two technologically savvy Serbian men and a Hungarian woman used Ball control is another method that can be useful for cheating in roulette. Roulette is strongly influenced by the croupier, and therefore their actions will influence where the ball lands. Years and years of spinning cause the dealer to develop ‘muscle memory', or a consistent delivery system. It is believed that dealers are able to influence the result of a game, and navigate where the

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